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Most online games that suffer the wrath of cheaters and hackers simply decide to swing the banhammer around, but no, not Rockstar.

Rockstar have uniquely come up with a far more interesting solution– if you cheat on Max Payne 3‘s online multiplayer, you will be forced to play with fellow cheaters. Offending players will be put into a “cheaters pool” where you can hack to your heart’s delight. But cheating against a cheater would be rather pointless, which is why Rockstar is so clever. What’s the point in being invinsible when everyone is invinsible? It takes the fun out of cheating, which hopefully will stop any further incidents.

If you are caught and decide to change your ways, Rockstar may be kind enough to let you out of the cheaters pool, however, if you are caught cheating again, you’ll be banned forever.

Hackers on Max Payne 3 have been ruining honest players experiences with cheats such as modded games, hacked saves, and score boosting. Crime never pays though, and any cheater who’s reached the top of the leaderboard through unfair means will have their precious scores wiped.

Rockstar is also encouraging other players to report cheaters. To do so email with details of the platform you’re playing on, the cheaters gametag/ID, description of what they’re doing, and evidence of the crime. Unfortunately, camping is not a crime so you can’t report someone because they’re using lazy tactics, sorry.

Hopefully Rockstar’s tactics will be successful. Cheating takes the fun out of any game, and this is a novel way of trying to deal with it

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